Here are our most frequently asked questions!

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Are all your dog travel beds handmade? Yes, definitely! Currently all our travel beds are made by hand and crafted with the utmost care. Your dog travel bed is therefore truly unique and specially made for you!

Why does my travel bed look slightly different than on the website? The colors of the beds might look slightly different than on the website due to lighting differences, so we recommend you to read the description of each bed to get a better sense of the color in real-life! All our products are also made by hand, making each item a unique product. Although each of the beds follow the same design and are crafted in similar fashion, slight (hardly noticeable) variations might occur.

Can I wash my travel bed? Although not often necessary, you definitely can. However, since the beds are made from 100% Texel sheep wool, we recommend washing them by hand or checking whether your washing machine has a setting for wool products. We also recommend using a wool detergent to preserve the natural properties of the wool. Do NOT put your dog travel bed in the dryer. More detailed information & recommendations will be provided upon delivery.

Do you ship internationally? We do! As our company is based in the Netherlands, all our orders are shipped from here to happy customers all over the world. Check out our "Global delivery & costs" tab to get more detailed information on our shipping methods and costs.

What size is perfect for my dog? Dogs come in many different sizes, so picking the correct travel bed is very important! The exact measurements of our small, medium and large travel beds can be found in the description of all of our products. We also have a photo gallery on our website showing you smaller and larger dogs on their correctly-sized travel beds and numerous examples on our Instagram account so you can get an idea of how big each size truly is! Although we provide sizes that are suitable for most dogs, we do consider special requests made by our customers (would you for example need an even bigger size than our Large travel bed). You can always send us an email before placing an order!

Are your products vegan? Our travel beds are made from sheep wool and are therefore not considered vegan. Our wool is locally sourced in the Netherlands from Dutch sheep by a well-established family company. However, if you would like to order a 100% vegan version of our dog travel bed, you can do so upon special request. Send an email to info@dog-travel-beds.com before placing your order!

What about returns? If you would like to return the unused item delivered to you for any reason, you can. The item must be returned within 14 days of receiving it, or a notice of return must be send to info@dog-travel-beds.com within this period of time. We strongly recommend you to send a notice of return within this period, as shipping from some countries might take longer than these 14 days to arrive. In most cases, the customer is responsible for any shipping costs associated with the return. We strive to issue the refund as soon as we have received the product back! Send an email to info@dog-travel-beds.com if you have specific questions or check our terms and conditions for further information.
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