About Us

My name is Wendy and I am passionate about designing and creating clothing items, accessories, and using beautiful fabrics. In 2013, this love, which started as a hobby, grew even more when I began using my creativity for creating gear for my dog. After designing and producing lots of dog beds and accessories for my own dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback named ‘Diezel’, my hobby turned into a small business.


In 2015, we had an addition to our family: my brother’s dog ‘Bollie’, a French Bulldog. Since my brother Paul travels a lot for his work, he requested an efficient travel bed for his dog; and I created one for him. Seeing what I was able to make for Bollie and my wonderful and sweet Diezel, truly inspired me to take matters to the next level. Paul designed the multifunctional purpose of the travel bed/bag, and I continued to create them. This is how our brand came into existence: P∙A∙W, short for Paul and Wendy!

It definitely brings me great joy when I am creating these dog beds because it not only provides comfort to our furry best friends in those situations in which they are usually restless and anxious; it also elegantly complements you as owner and is not bulky. The range of color designs ensures there is a travel bed available which fits your personal style!



Wendy da Graça Morais - Somers
Reest 6
3068 LD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

VAT number: NL001629821B24
Chamber of Commerce number: 65715632