100% Natural Texel Wool

About Wool:

Wool is known for its capability to ventilate; the fabric allows for a constant stream of fresh air to directly reach the skin. Secondly, the fibers of the wool naturally provide great elasticity and bendability, causing the fabric to conform to the shape of any body.

The natural structure of the fibers of wool keeps water from directly absorbing into the wool; wool is therefore initially water resistant. In the event that the wool does get wet, it will keep on generating heat and keep you warm instead of cold and damp. Wool is flame resistant.  

Wool fibers are dirt resistant; because of the wool’s natural fat (lanolin), dirt does not quickly penetrate the fabric. Products made out of wool stay beautiful for a relatively long period of time, causing them to be exceptionally durable.

The wool used in designing our travel beds is 100% natural wool from Dutch Texel sheep. The products we create are handcrafted and handstitched.